Stanton Defreitas – Passion for International Business

It is such a privilege to be passionate about what you do for a living. Many people hold jobs simply to pay the bills and then have their own hobbies and relationships to help fill the void. But for Stanton Defreitas, international business is a job that brings him great satisfaction because he is passionate about what he does.

As a child, Stanton Defreitas had a love for the international. Every experience he had with a new culture helped shape him into a man that embraces change in both atmosphere as well as culture and customs. With his background in the Caribbean and then being raised in Canada, from an early age, he saw how the marriage of different cultures could take place in harmony. And more than just that, they could create a great place to live but also the merging of cultures that could create a synergistic effect for both communities involved.

In his work as an international business consultant, Stanton Defreitas has had the chance to utilize the skills he developed at an early age of bringing different cultures and customs of people together for the common good and the betterment of both groups. He believes that everyone should together work to broaden their horizons spiritually, academically, as well as culturally. He lives every day as a citizen of the world, set on growing as an individual.

A Diverse Profile of Stanton DeFreitas

Above all else, Stanton DeFreitas wants to become a great writer because he wants the world to benefit from what he learned as a child. You see, he grew up in the wildly diverse Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario as a Canadian with Caribbean roots. That experience, in which he was exposed to so many culture during his formative years, he feels has made him into a better person. He is also certain that exposure to a wide variety of traditions and cultures, and embracing them for him to his way of thinking, has been a key factor making him into an excellent businessman.

Being effective in business is not his only goal, or even his main goal, however. Stanton DeFreitas wants to share the knowledge he has gained with the world and make it work better for everyone, which is why he wants to become a prolific writer. He was able to experience and witness many cultures, and he now understands that everyone, regardless of where they come from, is a citizen of the world and not just their own country. He feels that everyone should make a greater effort to think that way, and they should broaden their horizons in every way; spiritually, academically and culturally. He hopes his writing career is able to get people to think more in that direction.

Just as Stanton DeFreitas uses his global business travels to become more than an entrepreneur, as a writer he wants to speak to people about many issues he believes are most important to society. He plans to cover current events, international travel, international sports and even personal health and wellness.